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A survival kit is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared as an aid to survival in an emergency. Civil and military aircraft, lifeboats, and spacecraft are equipped with survival kits.

Survival kits, in a variety of sizes, contain supplies and tools to provide a survivor with basic shelter against the elements, help him or her to keep warm, meet basic health and first aid needs, provide food and water, signal to rescuers, and assist in finding the way back to help. Supplies in a survival kit normally contain a knife (often a Swiss army knife or a multi-tool), matches, tinder, first aid kit, bandana, fish hooks, sewing kit, and a flashlight.

Civilians such as forestry workers, surveyors, or bush pilots, who work in remote locations or in regions with extreme climate conditions may also be equipped with survival kits. Disaster supplies are also kept on hand by those who live in areas prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters. For the average citizen to practice disaster preparedness, some towns will have survival stores to keep survival supplies in stock.

First Aid Kit:

A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used to give medical treatment. There is a wide variation in the contents of first aid kits based on the knowledge and experience of those putting it together, the differing first aid requirements of the area where it may be used and variations in legislation or regulation in a given area.

Complete survival grab & go bag
Approx 30-40 Kilo's
Scroll for interior breakdown

Complete Survival Kit
Exterior Survival Webbing
Webbing Text
Centre survival bag equipment
Central Bag Text
Box - 1- Survival Image
Box 1 Text
Box - 2- Survival Image
Box 2 Text
Tin -1 - Survival image
Tin - 2 - Survival Image
Tin 2
Tin - 3 - Survival Image
Tin 3 Survival
Cooking kit and First aid
Cooking kit & first aid
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