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At Eagles Training Camp our Out There courses are also similar to our team building courses, they can be tailor made for small groups and can consist of as little or as many activities you require. The key elements that can be achieved are as follows:


Taking a ready, motivated learner into a prescribed, unfamiliar physical environment, along with a small group of people who are faced with a series of incremental, inter-related problem-solving tasks which creates in the individual a state of dissonance requiring adaptive coping and leads to a sense of mastery or competence when equilibrium is managed. The cumulative effect of these experiences leads to a reorganisation of the self-conceptions and information the learner holds about him/herself. The learner will then continue to be positively oriented to further learning and development experiences.


In a typical class, participants are divided into small patrols (or groups) under the guidance of one or more instructors. Often at a base camp, are spent training for the outdoor education activities that the course will contain and in the philosophy of Out There Courses. After initial confidence-building challenges, the group heads off on an expedition. As the group develops the capacity to do so, the instructors ask the group to make its own decisions.

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